CATEGORY: Journey De-Lite

Journey De-Lite Step 1 – 3

Course Access: Lifetime
Course Overview

Journey to Greatness is based on the Morum Excellentiam model of behaviour excellence that supports individuals to live a satisfactory life of meaning and purpose. It supports individuals to excel beyond fear in three spheres of life, ME, WE and WORK.


Journey to Greatness is a personal development path that consists of three levels of personal and professional enrichment. The journey empowers your being (intrapersonal communication) and doing (interpersonal communication) to create a significant professional footprint.

– Journey De-Lite (Level I) is your maiden voyage and offers awareness and supports you to adapt in your ME sphere (intrapersonal mastery).

– Journey Divine (Level II) delves into your WE sphere (interpersonal relationship mastery).

– Journey Deep Dive (Level III) is an advanced level which explores your WORK sphere which is the successful expression of your professional footprint and your personal being.

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